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Marijuana plants grown either in soil/soilless or with hydroponics consume carbon dioxide (CO2) through their leaves, and expel oxygen in the daytime hours. Nov 15, 2019 Carbon dioxide or CO2 is one of the most important elements in the health of plants in a controlled environment, allowing it to maximize yield. Did you know that perhaps the least hands-on way to dramatically increase cannabis yields is with gas? Marijuana like other plants produces oxygen during  Sep 26, 2018 There are plenty of cannabis growers who are beginning to experiment with CO2 in their gardens. The objective is that their plants will  CO2 enrichment systems found in marijuana grow rooms are different from traditional systems in that they intentionally flood the grow rooms with CO2. May 21, 2018 Enhancing Cannabis Grows: CO2 Foliar Spray. In a recent press release, CO2 Gro Inc., formerly Blue Ocean Nutrasciences, announced it is 

Sep 5, 2019 Carbon dioxide (CO2) and cannabis plant yields go hand in hand. Discover why CO2 is fundamental to plant growth.

The air quality of your cannabis growroom is an important part of your grow. Cannabis plants use gasses in the air as part of their growing process. CO2 for the cannabis plants. Increasing the levels of carbon dioxide offers the potential to increase speed of growth, which could even reach double normal 


Adding CO2 to a grow room is a method that increases the yield of cannabis. We show you how to add carbon dioxide to your marijuana grow setup. Jan 21, 2020 Did you know that too much carbon dioxide (CO2) is potentially harmful to your marijuana plants? Or that if your plants don't receive enough  Feb 16, 2017 Takeaway: The benefits of CO2 enrichment on cannabis growth and productivity are widely recognized, but growers often debate how to best 

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